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Code of Conduct

  • Adherence to company code of conduct policy in a professionally responsible manner
  • Maintaining good relationships with customers, vendors and fellow employees based on trust and treat every individual with respect and dignity in the conduct of Company business.
  • Respect different culture, religions, beliefs and values at workplace and no harassment, intimidation or discrimination against the co-workers under any circumstances
  • Maintaining highest level of integrity and honesty in their work and adherence to the ethical and legal standards laid down by the business unit
  • Avoid any activities that could involve or lead to involvement in any unlawful practice or cause any harm to the Company's reputation or image.
  • Ensure that there is no misrepresentation of facts and figures in any manner
  • The employees to act in the interest of the company at all times and not to have any conflict of interest with the company
  • The employees not to use company’s property, information or position for personal gains or to involve in such acts which may malign the image of the company
  • Employees not to get involved in any activity which could be in competition with the company’s business activity
  • Employees to safeguard the confidential information of the company as well as of the parties with whom the company does business
  • Employees should not give or accept any grants or any other personal benefits that may in anyway influence the business decision
  • All employees to comply with company health and safety norms as conveyed to them from time to time