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Our Services

• Drawback facility within 10 days of EGM.
• Availability of Empty containers from ICD tarapur within 2 hours of requirement time.
• Train on Alternative day which provide speedy movement of cargo
• Saving in import Detention
• Savinf in export Buffer cost
• Direct Port Gate in at Nhavasheva, which will avoid traffic jam/ Transporter Strikes/ Jam at Terminals.
• In case of Roll over of Vessel – No Detention /Port Storage charges.
• In case of Import – Saving in charges paid for CFS & Handling.
• Direct Container movement from Port to ICD tarapur within 48 hours of IGM filing.
• Drop of Facility at ICD tarapur in case of Preferred Shipping line.
• Facility is equipped with latest technology equipment.
• Warehousing Facility – Bonded +
• 24x7 Experienced Customer Service available.